Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Depression Stage..Been there Yet??

Just when you think you've got the broken heart thing licked, low and behold here comes Mr. Depression. That slithering snake that appears as soon as you think it is all over with. I know, The "I am never dating again", conversation that you have with yourself. Believe me it is as bad as it sounds but, you get over that as well. Three steps to beatig the love hangover called depression.#1.Find something that you really loved to do before you met that person and really get into it again, lol as long as it is legal and not life threatening, like a hobby {poetry, sewing, painting}, After you have mastered your hobby it's on to step #2. Start going out with old friends, not the ones you both had but the ones you always kept in touch with or meet new ones and even travel and see new sights, And finally #3/ pamper yourself, change something about yourself to your satisfaction, like your hair style or color, maybe a different outfit from time to time and get into who you are. And EURIKA! You beat the depression. I know it works, it worked for me and Honey I thought there was no hope... Try it, I am sure you'll love how you feel.