Monday, February 25, 2013

Stay Gone

  Today I was listening to some music and came across the song stay gone by Jimmy Wayne and I remembered when I was going through a tough breakup with someone I really loved.  We tried so hard to make it work but we were not compatible. We ended our relationship on good terms and remained friends, but I still loved him, and I know he still loved me, but we could not stay together because we always found a way to hurt each other.  I was feeling pretty low, and listened to this song and it felt like the weight was lifted off of my shoulders, and I could breathe again. Music really can help you through some hardships, believe me it can.       

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Five Role Playing Games

    Today I had a friend of mine tell me that her sex life was for lack of a better word "boring", and she asked me what I think she could do to spice it up.  I told her to role play. Role playing is good for the couple who has been together for a long time and just don't find the some old routine fun anymore.  It's also a good way for your husband or wife to act as one of your favorite actors or actresses. Here are my top five role playing game ideas that will have your partner cumming back for more!

1.  Doctor and nurse...."Let me check you temperature". 
2. college professor and Student....."Stay after class we need to talk about your grades".
3. Football player and cheerleader.........." You won the game now come and get your prize".
4. Tarzan and Jane........ "Me Tarzan, You Jane, We Get Naked Now"!
5. Big bad wolf and red riding hood....... Red: " What a big leg you have", Wolf " that's not my leg"....           

Okay I've got one more just for the danger seekers out there .............   Robber and Victim...... "Don't move or I'll take more than just your purse".   

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines for singles

It's almost Valentine's day and I know its hard for some of the single people out there seeing people getting flowers, candy etc. but today I'm going to talk about what you can do for yourself this Valentine's.  We all know that Valentine's day is about love, and who loves you more than you? So why not romance yourself? You already know what kind of food, music, candy, flowers etc. you like..... so why not pamper yourself?  Here is what you do, go to the flower shop and buy your favorite flowers then go buy the ingredients to make your favorite meal and dessert, also pick up the best bottle of wine you ever had (if you're a guy pick up some beer) and while you're out pick up some bubble bath, chocolates, a romantic music cd and movie.  Go home and let your hair down, take off your shoes and start having a relaxing romantic time where you are the center of attention.  JUST ENJOY YOURSELF!