Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seeing Him or Her with The new mate...

It is a sure thing that you will see Him/Her with the so-called new love, but we all dread that feeling that we think we may get, Right? Well, if it happends and nine times out of ten "It Will", Just don't panic or show emotions..Good or bad ones..He/she probably will feel strange in that situation as well. The bright side is this, It will put all of your little questions to yourself at ease..You Know, The questions like , "How will I feel to see them together, is he or she better looking then I am"? You know the basic off the wall things that run through our minds like a race car. Once this happends I bet it will be a huge weight lifted from your head. And you will probably laugh about it later, believe me, The new love is never as we imagine them to be..

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