Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The long letter of apologies..Get yours yet??

The infamous 12 page apology letter always comes when you are least expecting it. The first lines may go as follows. "I know I am the lat person you want to hear from at this point in your life but"... And then you can pretty much fill the rest in yourself with out reading the books they will send. Most of us will get a kick out of it if you are normal, but the biggest thing is will we fall for the okie doke? You then start asking yourself questions like, " should i call him/her, or Is he/she serious or the big one "what is he/she trying to pull? My advice is, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. Don't answer the letters, just put them away until you want to skim over them again or like I often do, trash them, believe me you will get more as long as you don't respond. It's better that way, especially if you want to know if these apologies are sincere.So keep that waste basket near the door, they will be pouring sooner or later...

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