Saturday, February 23, 2013

Five Role Playing Games

    Today I had a friend of mine tell me that her sex life was for lack of a better word "boring", and she asked me what I think she could do to spice it up.  I told her to role play. Role playing is good for the couple who has been together for a long time and just don't find the some old routine fun anymore.  It's also a good way for your husband or wife to act as one of your favorite actors or actresses. Here are my top five role playing game ideas that will have your partner cumming back for more!

1.  Doctor and nurse...."Let me check you temperature". 
2. college professor and Student....."Stay after class we need to talk about your grades".
3. Football player and cheerleader.........." You won the game now come and get your prize".
4. Tarzan and Jane........ "Me Tarzan, You Jane, We Get Naked Now"!
5. Big bad wolf and red riding hood....... Red: " What a big leg you have", Wolf " that's not my leg"....           

Okay I've got one more just for the danger seekers out there .............   Robber and Victim...... "Don't move or I'll take more than just your purse".   

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